Guangzhou xuanxiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, sales, service as one of the beauty body technology Co., Ltd., can tailor-made for each franchise shop a variety of cooperation programs.

xuanxiang has been adhering to the principles of "sincere service", "people-oriented" and "team first", and jointly enjoy, create brilliance, enjoy and fly together.

In line with the concept of "detail achievement quality" and "professional creation value", the company is loyal to the market and customers. It successfully summarizes and establishes the terminal mode of "service-driven sales", and successfully operates many large and medium-sized beauty chains and beauty parlors in a short time. It has accumulated abundant clinical operation experience and has been recognized by the industry. Main business of various types of facial care, health care and washing products.

The factory is located in the national cosmetics production base, Xiameao Liushe Jitou Industrial Zone, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. Welcome to visit the factory.